Zeroes, by Scott Westerfeld

March 15, 2017

Review by Sal Meehan

Would you risk your life to save a friend that betrayed you? Zeroes is about six teenagers named Riley a.k.a. “Flicker,” Ethan a.k.a. “Scam,” Kelsie a.k.a. “Mob,” Nate a.k.a. “Bellwether,” Thibault a.k.a. “Anon,” and Chizara a.k.a. “Crash.” The summer before the book begins, the Zeroes were all friends, brought together by Nate because of their special powers. Then, one day Nate gets Ethan really mad and Ethan divulges truths so hurtful that the Zeroes separate. Now, criminals, police, and drug dealers are all after Ethan. Nate wants the Zeroes to reunite to help Ethan, but will the Zeroes have enough forgiveness in them to save an old friend?Even if the Zeroes choose to help Ethan, it will take all of their powers to do that. Scam possesses a voice inside him which can take over and get him out of sticky situations; but, more often, the voice gets him into trouble. Flicker is blind yet she can see through other’s eyes which helps them track down anyone. Crash can take down any electronic device that is in her range including a car trying to get away. Bellwether controls the energies of a group and can unite them in a common purpose. Mob has the power to control a group of people to do whatever she commands. Lastly, Anonymous—well, never mind, no one seems to remember anything about him. Individually each of these powers is not enough to save Ethan from all the people after him, however, if they work together, the Zeroes could save Ethan’s life.

This book deserved five stars because I loved how the author made each person’s power so unique. For example, imagine having a power to make others forget about you simply by walking out of the room? This book also deserves five stars because it tells the story through the perspective of each Zero. I liked how the same situation happened in a different way for each character. The author packs plenty of cliffhangers in the book too. Will the Zeros reunite? Or, will Ethan pay the price for hurting his friends? I can’t wait to read the next book called Swarm.


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