Woods Runner, by Gary Paulsen

January 12, 2017

Review by Eric Wang

Samuel, a thirteen year old boy lives on the edge of wilderness in a British Colony, with his parents. There are stories, and rumors that American patriots had started a bloody, brutal war against the English. To them, the fighting in towns, and cities are too far away to the East. But one day, when he came back from his hunting trip all-by-himself in an untamed forest, his parents are taken as prisoners, and their house is burned to the ground. Determined to save his parents from the British, and the Iroquois, he uses his forest skills, to track, and save his parents.This book is amazing because it is very informational yet it is also exciting. The story itself isn’t too informational, but have a little information in it. At the end of every chapter, there is a 1, or 2 page article about the history that are in the chapter. For example, the first, and second chapter were about Samuel living in the frontier, and at the end of the second chapter, there was a small article about Frontier life. The same thing goes for every chapter in the book until it finishes. Overall I rate this book a full 5 stars and it is the best historical fiction I had ever read.


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