Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

November 4, 2016

Review by Ethan Romer

Can you imagine what it would be like have people staring at you wherever you went?  To have people mistreat you just because of the way you look?  Is it even possible for this to happen?Yes.  Meet August Pullman.  Auggie is a normal, smart boy who lives in the fictional town of North River Heights, in upper Manhattan.  The only thing that is abnormal about him is his face.  Auggie has a facial deformity called “mandibulofacial dysostosis”, more commonly known as Treacher Collins syndrome.  Auggie has been homeschooled his whole life, but out of the blue  his parents are considering for him to start fifth grade, the first year of middle school at Beecher prep.  At first Auggie is scared, but after a few jokes about the principal’s  name from his dad, Auggie is open to the idea of starting school.  Can Auggie make friends, learn, avoid bullies, and have a positive experience? Or will he be like a lamb entering the slaughter?

Wonder is a sad and happy book.  It is especially sad reading about how Auggie is bullied at the movie and also when julian’s mom photoshops his face out of the class photo. It makes you think if there are people like her in real life?  However it is amazing reading about how he makes friends, his friends stand up for him,  and how mentally tough he is.  I wonder (no pun intended) if this happens in real life, and if so what it would be like to deal with?  Wonder is a story about surpassing barriers and about solving conflicts with friends.  I recommend this book to everybody because it may be relatable to real life and also because you can’t help, but root for the underdog.


Wonder, by R.J. Palacio 

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