Wonder, by R.J. Palacio

September 19, 2017

Review by Sheel Pant

“I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.”

-Auggie Pullman

August (dubbed Auggie), has gone through 27 facial surgeries. He starts his 5th grade year at Beecher Preparatory School. As this book says, he is ‘petrified’, since people might judge him on his appearance. Before he came to Beecher, he was homeschooled, since he had to have so many surgeries. Will Auggie hopefully make some friends, or will he be made the laughing stock of Beecher Prep?

Wonder is an amazing book, with role-models, real-life situations, happiness, sadness, and family. I would give this book 5 stars.


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