Wonder, by R.J Palacio

May 12, 2017

Review by Arthur Balva

August Pullman is a wonder.  He was born with a left cleft Palate and other facial birth defects and was originally doubted to live for long. Now at the age of 10, he must struggle through his intense life of embarrassment. August used to be homeschooled because of his continuous schedule of surgeries, but this year, his parents have decided to send him to a local private school, Breecher Prep. Unfortunately, several kids including a popular boy, Julian, who accepts August as a deformed, Special needs who looks like a troll, humiliate August extremely on his very first day of school. On the other hand though, August’s first day doesn’t go all so bad. He meets two friends, Jack Will and Summer. Even though having two new companions, August must face the entire school and community that he has the strength, knowledge, and courage to achieve wondrous things through great doubt.

This is a book I would recommend to every single person who has seen or experienced bullying or harassment. This story truly spreads the word that something must be done about bullying especially to the disabled. In addition, it presents the extreme effects to the victims. For example, August is pressured to give up his life-long passion of Star Wars because of being bullied by others. Still today even, bullying is an existing issue that can lead to severe effects for the victim. R.J Palacio truly spreads the word of an ever-increasing threat to all people – children and adults – in a thoughtful and touching way.


Wonder, by R.J Palacio 

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