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Two can keep a secret, by Karen McManus

Review by Alexis Chiu

Ellery and Ezra are twins who are moving back to their mother’s mysterious hometown to live with their grandmother of which who they know nothing of. Years ago, their small town was put on the map when a homecoming queen goes missing and her body is later found at the town’s all too suiting amusement park called Murderland. But, it turns out that even before the homecoming queen had gone missing, years ago, the town had already witnessed a mysterious disappearance before. The twin’s aunt had gone missing and never was found. The town seems very mysterious because on the twin’s drive from the airport to their grandmother’s house through the hail, they see a mangled body. The result of a hit and run. But things just seem to get worse, graffiti of strange messages are going up around the town and the killer seems to be back. They declare that this homecoming will be like 5 years ago and as if to prove it, another girl goes missing. 
        The book was written in different points of view: Ellery and Malcom’s. It’s confusing sometimes and could make you lose interest. But overall, I thought it was an okay book, the action leading up and clues were good but the climax and the ending were just disappointing. The ending isn’t obvious but isn’t satisfying. But maybe I’m just too picky. I thought that the author had put a lot of thoughtfulness in the storyline and plot. But also I like that we get to know the clues as the characters find them out. 
       If you liked Karen McManus’ legendary book One of Us is Lying or murder mysteries in general, you’d love this book. If you are a teenager who moves a lot, then I also think that you’d like this book. This book is not yet in the Greene Middle School Library, but Mrs. Collins will be ordering it soon, so look out for it later this spring!

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