Things Not Seen, by Andrew Clements

December 9, 2016

Review by Eric Wang

Everybody thinks being invisible is fun, but not Bobby. He is a 15 year-old boy who is normal, until one morning, he can’t find himself in the mirror. At first, his parents didn’t believe him, but after he drank a glass of orange juice right in front of them, they totally believed him. One day, he accidentally bumps into a blind girl, Alicia, which soon became useful, all of his secrets are shared with her, and her family tries to help him, but when he misses more than 3 weeks of school, the school nurse starts to get anxious. He has been “sick” with the flu for a long time. Then, the state government starts to search the house, and his room, but showed no clue that he existed. His family have only 5 days to prove that he is well treated, or else both of his parents will be sent to jail, behind bars. Only he and Alicia can make up a plan before it’s too late.

I really liked this book because of the author’s creative idea of invisibility. I always wondered about would it be a good thing if I stayed invisible forever, and my problem was solved. He listed the advantages, and the disadvantages in the book to choose yes or no. One of the disadvantages is that you can’t actually interact with people, but frighten them. Also, the advantage is that you can sneak around without people noticing you. Overall, this a brilliant book, and I rate this book 5 stars.


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