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There’s A Boy In The Girls Bathroom, by Louis Sachar

boy in girls bathroomThere’s A Boy In The Girls Bathroom

by Louis Sachar

Review by Hannah


Go into Mrs. Ebbel’s classroom, then walk all the way to the last seat, in the last row. You will find a kid, normal at first look, but upon looking at him a bit more you will see that he’s cutting his test paper into squares, then sticking it into his desk. I present to you Bradley Chalkers, a liar, a cheater, and a thief. Claudia, his sister is the complete opposite of Bradley. Teachers and parents love her, and she is perfect in every way. But, everything changes when Bradley starts seeing Carla, the new school counselor. She had sky-blue eyes with soft blond hair, and even more she believes Bradley can change. “Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourself.”
“Unusually witty, and satisfying.” I adored this book, with its winding plot keeping me glued to my seat, and it’s lingering story, staying long in my head after it had been read. Although, I felt the ending was a bit incomplete, I thoroughly enjoyed the overall story. I loved the humor and friendship built in to this book, and would recommend it to all readers, especially those who like school stories.

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