The Walk On, by John Feinstein

May 12, 2017

Review by J.J. Stoen

Have people ever taken advantage of relations with high status? High School Freshman Alex Meyers is starting 9th grade at Chester Heights High School near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was, without a doubt, one of the best athletes in his hometown, but now that he’s moved, he has to start all over again. He tries out for the Varsity football team, and meets a kid named Jonas Ellington, also a new kid at Chester Heights. He creates a new friend and goes onto the field for tryouts. Alex, being a star quarterback, didn’t help much. Jonas was a wide receiver, so he didn’t have much to worry about. Coach Gordon, the head coach, had a son, who happened to be the star quarterback of the team and honorable senior. Coach Gordon only cares that his son gets on the field and they win the championship so Alex, the third string quarterback, has little or no chance to get on the field. Coach Gordon will go to great lengths to keep Alex’s playtime minimal. Concealing his potential, smudging his name, and even accusing of something that he was guilty of. Alex is a true athlete, no question about it, but will he ever show the team what he’s got inside of him?

I can relate highly to this book because of the many sports I play and how my coaches underestimate me. I have to say, it is not that easy just sitting in left field, having the third spot on a relay, and sitting on a bench for the whole game (To athletes, this is terrifying). Alex taught me to never give up on something you throw out to get, and not to ever let down on your dreams. This book was also pretty dang funny because Alex and Jonas are still kids, and they joke around a lot. I think that this author has lots of experience in sports novels and novels with lots of action and physical activity, because this book got my attention and my adrenaline pumped.


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