The Shakespeare Stealer, by Gary Blackwood

April 14, 2017

Review by Eric Wang

What would you do if you had to steal Shakespeare’s play hamlet? That’s what Widge, a 14 year old orphan had to do in order not to get killed. He is special with a rare ability to write the same speed as you can say. When he works his way into the Globe Theatre, the actors inside it treat him as if he is one of them. Unwilling to betray his friends, but also afraid to disappoint his master, he has to decide something, fast. Will he betray his friends, or disappoint his master? In order to play his part in life, he must decide.

This book is amazing because it is full of action. In a Shakespeare theatre, you just think that actors rehearse, act, and repeat, but no. There are far more stuff than just to rehearse, and act. There are actors that practice sword fighting, and there are even people hiding their identities – for good reasons, and bad reasons. Thinking about what else might happen in the book is really fun. You never know, and anything could happen in the book. I was looking for suspicious actions that might lead to a problem, but instead, it lead into something that I had never even thought about before. Thinking about it makes you more, and more excited about this book, and in the end, more and more action happens. That is why I rate this book 5 stars.


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