The Rose Society, by Marie Lu

April 15, 2016

Reviewed by Emily Neumann 

Adelina Amouteru has suffered from betrayal at the hands of her closest friends and chooses to seek a bitter revenge. Now know as the White Wolf, Adelina forms an army of powerful elites that will join her to destroy her former acquaintances. Hiding in the shadows, she brings mischief and chaos to the Daggers plans. Cruelty and hate start to take over Adelina’s heart and she tries to cling onto the little kindness left in her. Can she remain considerate when her very own existence depends on darkness?

The Rose Society was an impeccable sequel to the Young Elites, another magnificent book by Marie Lu. She writes beautifully with heart and feeling that makes you weep and celebrate with Adelina. For example, when Adelina escapes from the Inquisition after sneaking into a party and stealing a valuable pearl to earn another warrior for her army, you celebrate with her as she triumphs. I highly recommend this book to anyone, young or old, who enjoys reading about dark magic and adventure.


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