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The Iron Trial, by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

iron trialReview by Hannah

“The mages don’t care about anyone or anything except advancing their studies. They steal children from their families. They are monsters. They experiment on children. They are the reason your mother is dead.” All his life Callum Hunt has been prepared to fail the Iron Trials. The Iron Trials But, after getting the worst recorded score in the history of the Iron trials, Callum is chosen to learn under one of the most prestigious teachers(Master Rufus). Upon being admitted to the Magisterium, he learns some shocking news. The only person Callum needs to be afraid of is himself…
The novel was extremely interesting. Keeping me alert, I excitedly turned the pages, eager for the story until there were none left. The way Cassandra delves deeply into magic with her ideas, were mind-boggling. I also really admired the flashbacks, bringing you back in time to the Cold Massacre when the “Enemy” kills Calum’s mom. I thoroughly enjoyed, The Iron Trials, and would recommend it to all audience, especially those who enjoy fantasy.

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