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The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

Review by Kimmy Becerra

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The Hate U Give is a book about a girl named Starr who’s life is separated into two worlds, Garden Heights (poor neighborhood, hood, ghetto) and Williamson (white private school, nice neighborhood). She has to keep both lives separated. She doesn’t like to party she more of a staying home kinda girl. Her only Garden Heights friend Kenya whom she has an older brother in common (Seven), Kenya Convinces her to go to this party because she never goes out. Over spring break she goes to a big party they throw every year and she reunites with her childhood best friend Khalil. During the party a fight breaks out and then a shooting. They all go out running and Khalil drivers her home, but on their way home they get stopped by a police officer. Khalil starts arguing with the police officer and the officer asks him to step out of the car when he reaches for his hair brush police officer “thinks” he sees a a gun and shoots Khalil. It was very hard for Starr witnessing police shooting of her best friend Khalil, an unarmed black teenager that wasn’t doing anything wrong when he got pulled over. His death goes viral, people decide to take action. They protest, campaign and talk about it world wide. Starr has to decide if she wants to be a part of “Justice for Khalil” but that could put her life in danger, if Starr speaks up for Khalil something could happen to her because everyone thought he was involved with a gang.

I would recommend this book to people that want to read something deep that is happening in the world, that will make you cry. It deals with a lot of issues going on in the world, for example police brutality against unarmed black teens, interracial dating, friendship, political activism, and wealth disparity. It’s a great book, for anyone/ everyone. It really opens your eyes and lets you see the world from another point of view. It is truly a great book. I have read it a couple times now. The first time I read it I cried. I have heard about books that made people cry but I honestly thought they were just crazy till I read it and just in to the first chapter I cried–I cried probably like 20 times it was just so powerful and very relatable. I really connected with the book and kinda saw myself through Starr. I recommend this book, but there’s some cursing, gang talk, inappropriate things, drug talk, etc. (Just a disclaimer in case you are really sensitive and might get offended). Still a great book with a deeper meaning than that. 10/10 would recommend.

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