The Genius Files, by Dan Gutman

April 14, 2017

Review by J.J. Stoen

Twins Coke and Pep McDonald, despite their names, have it pretty well. They live in a fairly large house and have lots of friends. However, a letter came in the mail that may have changed their lives forever. But of course, their knucklehead dad chucks it into the garbage can. But somehow, the word gets to them when their health teacher locks them in the detention room and sets the room on fire. Thankfully, their custodian pulls them out of a close situation. While their mom plans a cross country trip, Coke and Pep have to figure out why Mrs. Higgins tried to kill them. Their custodian, Bones, is secretly part of an organization that collects the smartest kids in the world and uses them to do government work that adults can’t do: The Genius Files. So while the twins are on a cross country trip, Mrs. Higgins and her entourage go after them while The Genius Files group tries to protect them. Will Coke and Pep survive the long, horrifying trip?

Honestly, this book was REALLY funny. Dan Gutman’s books are always funny and full of action and drama, and this book is no exception. Sometimes Coke can be really stupid, and I liked how Dan Gutman planned that out. Coke was, without a doubt, one of the stupidest characters I’ve ever heard of. It was always funny when Pep was telling Coke that she wants him to use his mind. Another reason that I liked this book was because there were always real life checkpoints that you could go onto google maps and find so you can see where the twins were going, This made the book way easier to follow. To all of the action comics readers out there, this is a must read.


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