Swiss Family Robinson, Johan David Wyss

May 12, 2017

Review by Ethan Romer

After their ship has wrecked, the Robinson family is stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean.  They were on a voyage to create a new colony New Guinea.  Once on the Island they have to build shelter and avoid the dangerous animals that live in the harsh terrain.  Weeks after their arrival they have built a large treehouse full of items they went back to retrieve from the boat.  After dealing with these necessary needs, they realize that they must build a fortress to defend against the pirates that sail the nearby seas.  Will the Robinson’s defend themselves from the blood-thirsty pirates, and make it of the Island? Or will they live out their days alone on this remote Island?

The Swiss Family Robinson is an amazing book!  The intense parts of the story make it that way.  The intense scenes are even more enjoyable because of the powerful, descriptive writing.  Another example of why this book is so good is when they barely avoid getting kidnapped by pirates.  I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy survival stories with many action scenes.


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