Swarm, by Scott Westerfeld

April 14, 2017

Review by Sal Meehan

Can you imagine your best friend turning into your greatest enemy? In the sequel to Zeroes, Swarm, the Zeroes have to decide how far they will go to protect Mob, one of their own, who could turn into their greatest enemy. In the first book, we learn that six teenagers named Flicker, Scam, Mob, Bellwether, Anon, and Crash all have a unique powers that create their bond of friendship. The Zeroes were pushed to their limits by taking on drug dealers, criminals, and the police. Now, as the Zeroes search for a new home where they can live in peace, they discover a new and more powerful enemy, Swarm.

To make matters worse, the same evil that lives in Swarm may also be in Mob.During the holidays, the Zeroes find a new home called the Dish. They use this home to explore their powers. The Zeroes also discover two more people with powers, Glitch and Coin. But, Glitch and Coin are evil and destroy the Dish. If this was bad, just wait! Coin tells the Zeroes that they’re just trying to run away from the true killer, Swarm. Swarm is an evil kid that is the same age as the Zeroes who wants to kill people with powers. Later, the Zeroes find out that Mob could turn out just like Swarm. Mob has the same evil core inside of her as Swarm. The Zeroes have to protect Mob from turning into a baby Swarm while still fighting off Swarm’s attacks. Although the Zeroes’ powers have grown stronger, will it be enough to stop Swarm? Or, will they be destroyed by Swarm and the evil that may be living deep inside Mob?

This book deserves five stars because I love how evil the author made Swarm. For example, Swarm killed Coin just because Coin and Glitch tore everything up to show that they were in love and weren’t afraid of Swarm. Swarm hates love. This book also deserves five stars because I liked how the author pushes each character to face his or her fears in order to face Swarm. Will Swarm destroy them all? Or will the Zeroes beat the impossible?


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