Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson

May 12, 2017

Review by Sal Meehan

How far would you go to seek revenge for your father’s murder? In Steelheart, humans were forever changed when a giant star called Calamity comes into the solar system. Calamity causes a bunch of humans, the “Epics”, to get super powers. But, I wouldn’t call the Epics “superheroes” because they are pure evil. Unfortunately, David, the main character, and his father were in a bank to face down the most powerful Epic, Steelheart, who can stop anything that is moving, make anything into steel, and can shoot all sorts of things at you. David’s father believes that there is good in Epics, including Steelheart, but at the bank, Steelheart loses his temper and murders David’s father. David will never forget what Steelheart did and is determined to avenge his father’s death. David tells himself, “I have seen Steelheart bleed, and I will make him bleed again.”Unlike Epics, David did not get super powers but instead becomes a part of a group called the “Reckoners.” The Reckoners’ main goal is to study the Epics to learn how to defeat them. One of the Reckoners is Megan, David’s love. As David and Megan get closer, he realizes how strong his emotion is for her which makes it harder for him to focus on his desire for revenge. But when Megan is critically injured and dies in a motorcycle chase hunting an Epic, David now feels dead inside and his hatred for the Epics deepens.

Will David destroy Steelheart and get revenge? Or, will Steelheart conquer the world?

I rated this book five out of five stars because I loved how the author described David and his desire for revenge. I liked how all the Reckoners were in this fight together to get freedom from the Epics’ tyranny. Finally, I loved how the author made the twist toward the end and revealed that Megan is really an Epic spy. If you like science fiction or fantasy books with a big twist, you will love this book.


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