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Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson

Review by Jette Kruse

Steelheart is the first book of the Reckoner Series. It is dystopian and written by Brandon Sanderson. The main character, David, sees his dad die right in front of him by the hands of Steelheart, the most powerful Epic there is. Epics are superhumans with powers that vary from Epic to Epic. Because of this, David studies the Epics for eight years and learns how to survive the world that changed ever since a red star rose, Calamity. The world has changed from today to tomorrow. But David has a plan, he is going to help the Reckoners kill steelheart. The Reckoners are a top secret organization that the common folk have only heard rumors about. No one knows who they are, or where they are, but they know that they are here to fight back against the Epics.

This book is on my list of favorite books because it has everything a book should have. It has adventure and mystery, and a world unknown to anyone. Brandon Sanderson has created a masterpiece within these pages. I recommend full heartedly and hope you enjoy this book. I have nothing to critique because it was perfect for me.

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