Sky Raiders, by Brandon Mull

May 25, 2017

Review by Ethan Romer

Cole Randolph is your average kid.  He likes to hang out with his friends, especially on Halloween.  When the group heads to the nearby haunted house their lives change forever.  Slavers from a different world kidnap the kids from the haunted house and take them too the Outskirts.  Later in the story, Cole gets purchased by a group called the Skyraiders.  They raid Castles that float in midair.  On these castles dangerous beings called semblances often take form.  Cole must raid these dangerous castles in order to complete missions, after 50 missions he would get promoted to a safer but still dangerous job.  As tension heats up Cole and his new friends are off on a journey to defeat a dangerous power, that has destroyed 1000’s of lives leaving every person in its path dead – called the Carnag.  Can Cole save his friends and defeat the Carnag?  Or will he become monster food like the thousands before him?

Sky Raiders is very captivating.  All of the bizarre and unusual places they go make it that way.  For example, the strange Castles and Dreamland.  In Dreamland there were giant cookies in giant pools of sweet milk.  Humongous play structures fill up the forest.  It was created by a young boy with tremendous shaping power.  He had gone nova – crazy and created everything he could dream of, hence the name Dreamland.  I recommend this book to all readers who would enjoy reading books from the best fantasy writer of all time.


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