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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

ScarletScarlet, by Marissa Meyer

Review by Emily Neumann

Scarlet, was an incredible story and the second book to the Lunar Chronicles series. Cinder, the cyborg mechanic returns, and is trying to break out of jail with so called “Captain Thorne”. Meanwhile, Scarlet has her own dilemma to face; Her grandmother disappeared and has been gone for nearly two weeks! Along the way, Scarlet meets a Wolf, a street fighter who might know where her grandmother is being held. Scarlet and Wolf brace themselves for a long and enduring journey as they finally face the truth.
The moment I started reading this book, I was captivated in this superior, heart-stopping, and thrilling writing. I thought the way Marissa Meyer switched perspectives of each character until they became intertwined with each other was outstanding. This novel has not just complimented, but made sure that you need to read the series. Scarlet, was an stunning twist on “Red Riding Hood” but still managed to keep its own extravagant, delightful, uniqueness. This book is one of my most treasured books for its writing makes your heart go up and down and you feel like you’re almost in the story. I highly recommend this exhilarating book to any science fiction readers out there.

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