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Rebel Belle, by Rachel Hawkins

Rebel Belle (Rebel Belle, #1)Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a big fan of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I couldn’t help but draw some paralells (in the most positive way!) between the beginning of the Buffy saga and this first book in the new Rebel Belle series by Rachel Hawkins. Much like Buffy at the beginning of the series, Harper Price is queen of all she surveys. She is pretty, popular, smart, and driven to succeed. She is the student body president, head of all of the important committees, head cheerleader, and (like any good southern belle), is preparing for her cotillion like it is presidential inauguration — that is, until her supernatural destiny catches up with her.

And much like becoming a vampire slayer put a cramp in Buffy’s high school life, so too does becoming the Paladin, a supernaturally strong and fast warrior devoted to protecting the oracle at all costs, put a cramp in Harper’s otherwise seemingly perfect high school life, especially given the identity of the oracle she is supposed to protect, her life-long nemesis and emo weirdo from the school newspaper: David Stark.

To my pleasant surprise, I found Rebel Belle to be funny, entertaining, and action packed. I loved the voice of Harper Price, who, as I noted before, despite being southern and not southern californian, reminded me strongly of Buffy. The supporting cast of characters was pretty well developed, including a saucy but petite best friend, and there was not a dull moment in this fast paced book. The ending is definitely leading into more to come, which means this should be a good one for all of us fans of series fiction out there.

Having read this now, I have added Hawkins’s “Hex Hall” series to my To-Read list, with hopes that it will be just as good as this one.

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