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Positively Beautiful By Wendy Mills

positively beautifulPositively Beautiful

By Wendy Mills

Review by Emily Neumann

Erin Bailey’s life changes forever when her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. Her life takes another turn when her mom’s cancer is linked to a rare genetic mutation and Erin has to decide whether she wants to get her own DNA tested. The one place she finds comfort is when she flys, soaring through the air where the horizon calms her worries. With the wind on her face, Erin drops all her fears and ascends higher and higher. Ashley, her onlie friend that shares the same genetic burden, supports her and guides her through when life is tough at school. “Summoning the courage she thought she never had, Erin embarks on a journey from the depths of frustration and despair to the heights of freedom and acceptance in a thought-provoking story about life, death, and difficult choices along the way.“ Can Erin keep going when life is difficult and death is on the line?
Positively Beautiful was a heart-breaking book and was written exquisitely Wendy Mills. The story unfolded efficiently and I was able to understand everything Erin felt and heard. Wendy Mills describes Erin’s unusual but terrible dilemma so expertly, that it’s impossible to complain about my own life. For example, when Erin loses everything and starts bawling uncontrollably, you can’t help but shed a few tears. This magnificent tale was written with some much anxiety it was unthinkable to put the book down. Positively Beautiful sits on the very top of my list of books to recommend and I can’t dream of anyone who would dislike this incredible, sensational story.

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