Podcasting with Students

September 24, 2020

Hello everyone! This blog post is intended to be a resource for anyone who is interested in getting started with a podcast with students. I’m going to compile some of the sites and resources that were most helpful to me, and you are welcome to add your own if there’s something you know of that’s not here. 🙂

Advice on starting to podcast that was super helpful to me:

Tutorials on how to podcast:

Equipment and how to set it up:

Audio Editing Software for podcasting:

  • Since I’m on a Mac, I use GarageBand. It comes with the computer or is downloadable for free from the app store, and it does most everything you need it to do. Did I mention that it’s free for Mac users?
  • Another great option that is offering an extended FREE trial during this crisis is SoundTrap. Their EDU version is free for the remainder of the term/semester right now for up to 500 students to use. This takes sound editing out of just your hands and makes it super easy for students to do as well! They even have a special tool for podcasting that is very robust, and will allow students to record and edit podcasts directly within their tool, and even do remote interviews, all on the cloud, which saves space on your local harddrive. SoundTrap hosts the podcast, and even will get your podcast uploaded to Spotify. It is also COPA compliant and has been approved by my district for use at one of our high schools. That said, it is not cheap, and once the free trial is over, you’ll be left looking at some of the other solutions on this document unless you can afford to pay for it. 
  • Audacity is a free and very basic option. It is much less user friendly, but it is available on pretty much all platforms, and it will do everything you want it to do.

Getting your podcast listed on podcast sites:

  • It turns out that you can’t just upload a podcast to Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and it’s not actually a good idea to host your podcast on your own computer for a variety of reasons (see more about that here). There are a variety of podcast hosts that you can upload your episodes too, and it will do the rest of the work.
    • Buzzsprout: this is what I use, as they offer the most tools for the lowest price, and are the simplest to use. They are actually doing a free pro account for schools who want to host a podcast during the shutdown, so this is a great resource. Their regular free account allows you to only upload up to 2 hours of content each month, and then after 90 days (I think), your podcasts disappear. If you want your content to stay up forever, you’ll have to pay for a premium account (at least, after the shutdown) for $12/month.
    • Podbean: This one also has a free account, which will allow you to upload up to 5 hours of content total, or an unlimited account for $9/month (if you pay annually)
    • Spreakr: This one offers a basic account for $7/month with a limit of 100 hours total.


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