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On the come up, by Angie Thomas

Review by Payton Anderson

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On The Come Up, a realistic fiction novel by Angie Thomas, tells the story of Bri, a young girl with a passion for music. Living in Garden heights with her mother and brother, Bri has grown up in the shadow of her father’s musical excellence. A famous rapper, her dad lived a life of thrill – until it got him murdered. With his promises, he died without completing all the things he said he’d do. With the weight of his death and name, Bri tries whatever she can to separate who she is from who her father was. But she has to start from the bottom in order to make it to the top and that’s all she wants. But when one of her songs goes viral in a way she never intended, she must make a choice she never wished to make. On the Come Up tells the coming of age story based in the modern era of social media. Thomas uses Bri’s story to convey a message that is quite relevant in today’s setting. Although it may be a longer book, each chapter is crucial in telling this story.

Not only does On the Come Up discuss Bri and her story, but it also relates to real-world problems scattered across current headlines. How will Bri handle the pressure of her father’s legacy? Is she willing to do whatever it takes to “make it big”? Will you get to watch her on the come up, or will she fall on her way there?

Angie Thomas, along with On the Come Up, previously released her well-known novel; The Hate You Give. Similar to On the Come Up, this book contains corresponding themes based on what is happening today. This book is also placed in the same setting as On the Come Up, meaning it contains the same locations and infamous spots mentioned in On the Come Up. Thomas also briefly mentions key incidents from The Hate You Give that made it so powerful. This technique proceeds to enhance the storyline of  On the Come Up. Moreover, if you enjoyed On the Come Up, you’ll most likely greatly appreciate The Hate You Give.

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