Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens

October 30, 2017

Review by Sheel Pant

“Please sir, I want some more!”

-Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is the story of a boy, named Oliver, whose mother died when she gave birth to him. He is placed right into a workhouse and is put to work there as a bottle washer, but things turn upside down, when Oliver asks for more gruel. Mr. Bumble, the man who runs the workhouse, is mad at this “ungrateful” boy. Things turn grimmer, when he ends up in an undertaker’s house. But Oliver’s misery doesn’t end here. Well, his life is sort of like a roller coaster from here on. He runs into criminals who want to turn this innocent boy into a criminal, and he meets some nice people who want him to live a good life.

This book has topsy-turvy plots, family themes, sadness, happy moments. There are certain low moments when Oliver gets bullied and tortured, you would feel like to be part of the plot and help  him to make him feel better. He is courageous and  perseveres through all the atrocities will make you so proud of him. You will be so engrossed with his life story that you won’t even realize that the book is over. Oliver Twist is a great book. His story is a perfect medley of all emotions, it is very sad, touching, heartwarming, and happy. That is why I give this book 4 ½ stars.


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