November 27, 2017

Review by Sheel Pant

Matilda is the story of a 4 year old girl named Matilda Wormwood who is far too smart for 1st Grade. When a person like her can knock-off double digit multiplication problems off her head, and read Charles Dickens at her age, you know she is not an average student. But her knowledge is being neglected by the most idiotic, self-centred parents who don’t encourage her intellect and genius to grow. They think she should read less, and watch more telly! But her lovely teacher Miss Honey thinks she is an extraordinary genius. Matilda has a few tricks up her shirt sleeve, so those bringing her down better watch out!Matilda is a well-written book. When Matilda’s parents torment her, mixed emotions roll out on the page. You just have the urge to want to get into the book and save her from those discouraging parents of hers. I like how the author added funny elements, to make the story shine out. Matilda is a well-paced, emotional yet funny, story of a 4 year old who shines. I suggest this book to everyone.


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