Matched, by Ally Condie

April 15, 2016

Reviewed by Reneé Vetter 

Cassia is a normal and ordinary girl. Just like everyone in the society. She is on the airtrain on her way to her match banquet sitting with her best friend Xander. When they arrive, they eat such a wonderful feast they will never forget. The officials start calling girls names to see who they are matched with. When you are called, you look up at the screen to see your match in another city hall looking at their screen. As they call Cassia Reyes, she looks up to the matching screen, but she only see’s herself. Her match is at this match banquet tonight.

This book was remarkable. One of my favourite book genres is dystopian and this book was no exception. It was full of detail once something interesting happened in the story, another interesting action would take place. The main idea in this book that was the most interesting was that everything was controlled even at parts where you thought something wasn’t, it was. Another interesting idea about this book was they had technology so much more advanced than the technology today.


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