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Jordan Literacy Service Project

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This year Jordan is participating in the inaugural service project of a non-profit called Access Books Bay Area, and the donation page is now live!

This year’s project will give our students the opportunity to be partners in the transformation of a school library space at a high poverty school in East Palo Alto. As you may already know, library funding at schools in California is highly inequitable, and most schools in poorer districts have no school librarian, no real budget to speak of, and have not been able to update their collections or facilities in years. At the same time, these are often the only libraries the students that attend the school will experience in their young lives.

In order to fundamentally transform the elementary school library, Access Books Bay Area will purchase brand new books for the collection, appealing and comfortable new seating and rugs, and will work with a local artist to repaint the walls of the library with murals that reflect the beauty and adventure of literature.
On the day of service Jordan students and families will work side by side with the community at the target school to sort and process the new books, paint the walls, and put in the new furniture and rugs. We will also conduct a book drive to get gently used books for the classroom collections of the teachers at the school.

How You Can Help

All of this takes money. Access Books Bay Area will need to raise $20,000 by the end of January to fund this project. If you think this sounds like a worthwhile endeavor, please consider donating. Even a $25 donation will buy a set of books that students will get to enjoy for years to come. Again, you can donate at:

We also need helpers! If you have time and/or expertise to donate to this effort, we would love to have you on the team! Help in the following areas is needed:

  • Fundraising
  • Driving/Volunteering for the day of service, March 2nd, 2016
  • Publicity/Promotion
  • Campus Book Drive
  • Connections to schools in areas that might qualify for/desire this project coming to their school!


Now – end of January 2016 –> Fundraising!

February 2016  –>  Jordan Book Drive – we will collect at least 1000 elementary level books to give to teachers at the target school for their classroom libraries!

March 5th, 2016  –->  Saturday service day at the target school

March 9th, 2016  –>  Jordan Day of Service – return to school for literacy celebration in the refurbished library!

Thank you!!!