Like a River Glorious, by Rae Carson

February 9, 2017

Review by Sal Meehan

Would you kill your uncle in exchange for freedom? In the sequel to Walk on Earth a Stranger, Like a River Glorious, Lee Westfall, the main character, has to decide how far she is willing to go to have freedom. In the first book, we learn that Lee can sense and locate gold. Her Uncle Hiram wants to control that power. He killed Lee’s parents with hope to control Lee and her powers. Lee escaped him and found a way to California.After her escape, Lee and her friends built a cabin and a stable. Lee thought it would be a start to a new life. That dream ended when someone set a fire to all of their belongings. Almost everything is destroyed. Lee believes that her uncle must have set the fire. Lee realizes that she will have to do something extreme to have her freedom, even if she was to kill her uncle.Trying to recover from the fire, Lee and her friends are set to rebuild their cabins. During the construction, Frank Dilley, a person who works for Lee’s uncle, kidnaps Lee and her friends. Now, Lee has to work in the mines trying to get gold for her uncle. Lee is tied up to her bed so she can’t escape. Lee makes plans with her friends and others to escape but Lee knows she will never truly be free unless her uncle is dead.

Like a River Glorious is as good as the first book. It is filled with action, cliffhangers, tragedy, fear, and much more. All the tragedy in this book makes me think how horrible it was in the Gold Rush. One example is when Frank Dilley shoots an Indian miner working for him for no reason. This makes you wonder if there were actually people out in the Gold Rush as horrible as Frank. I can’t wait to read the next book and find out if Lee gets rich.


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