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Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

Review by Devonne Clay

Hatchet  is a amazing adventure thriller and action book about about a boy named brian robeson. He is leaving his big city to see his father but he has to take a plane over there he doesn’t want to go but he must go he gets on the plane and is on it for a bit before the the pilot start to rapidly shake uncontrolably and is grabbing his heart  clinching it with palm he he never held something tighter in his life. Brian dosen’t know wat to do so he sits there while it is happening he watched a man die of a heart attack he then think the is gonna crash and trys to fly is but has no succses read on to find out what happens next to brian and and what he will do. I give this book a ⅘ stars becuase the plot and everything is perfict but how did he survive the crash like how he live threw all of this.

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