Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins

February 9, 2017

Review by Eric Wang

What could possibly go wrong in the laundry room? Gregor, an 11 year old boy and his 2 year old sister got sucked through the grate of the laundry room by a mysterious current into the dark underland beneath the city. There, humans, giant bats, cockroaches, spiders, and rats, live disturbingly amongst each other. When Gregor figures out that he plays the main role in the strange prophecy of the underland’s future, he wants no part of it. Not until he realized that it was the only way to find his missing father. Unwillingly, he accepted the dangerous quest that will cost him all of his strength, courage, or maybe even his life.This book is amazing because the author gave the reader similes, and metaphors to make the reader understand more. For example, “before he could answer, she was gulping down the root beer like she’d been lost in the desert.” Also, the author described Luxa’s silver hair as a shiny silver sheet. I could definitely picture what was going on in the book. Overall,this is one of the best fantasy books I read, and rate this book 5 stars.


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