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Ghost, by Jason Reynolds

Review by Polina van Hulsen

Ghost, by Jason Reynolds is about a boy named Castle Cranshaw, or Ghost. Ghost has been running his whole life. From many different things at a time. Once by his father who chased him with a gun. And many times running away from his problems. When Ghost challenges a sprinter to a race, and wins, the coach of the track team is amazed. He wants Ghost on his team. But there’s a catch; If he can’t keep up his grades, and if he keeps getting suspended, he can’t be on the team. With bullies around every corner, Ghost can’t keep running, though he’s great at it. He needs to fight. So he does. And gets suspended 99% of the time. And along with school, Ghost is haunted with the thoughts of his father, who chased him and his mother with a gun. Will Ghost be able to keep his school record clean, or will bullies, and the thought of his father be too much to handle? Can Ghost find a way to get on the track team, or will he keep trying to run away from his problems? Find out when reading Ghost by Jason Reynolds.

I really loved reading this book. It was really well-written, and I felt very empathetic towards Ghost and his situation. I loved the characters in this story and I could see the fatherly relationship between coach and Ghost, one that Ghost never got to experience. I also could see the friendship that was forming between Ghost and his teammates, another thing Ghost never had. Though at first, Ghost’s teammates were a little hesitant towards each other, once they accepted each other’s differences, the became great friends. I really liked this book, and I’d give it a ten out of ten. I recommend this book to people who like sports and realistic fiction, or anyone in general. Ghost, by Jason Reynolds is a must read.

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