Firefight, by Brandon Sanderson

September 19, 2017

Review by Sal Meehan

How far would you go to protect your true love? In the second book of the Reckoners series, David the main character, finds himself having to choose between his fellow humans, the Reckoners, or being with Megan, a.k.a Firefight, his true love. Megan is an Epic, who can swap realities and reincarnate after her death. Unlike most evil Epics, Megan is good. David and Megan find themselves on the run from Phaedrus, the head of the Reckoners, who does not like David and Megan’s love and wants to put an end to it. David and Megan are also being chased by two other powerful epics named Regalia and Obliteration who seek revenge for the death of their leader, Steelheart.

While Megan and David are together, Megan reveals her weakness. David later learns that one of Phaedrus’ spies discovers this secret and now David must protect Megan from the Reckoners. David is going to protect Megan until his very last breath. He knows that he will be going into battle with old teammates. To make the situation worse, Phaedrus teams up with the two other Epics because they have the same goal – kill David and Megan. Will David and Megan survive? Or will they die in battle together?

I rated this book five out of five stars because I liked how the author made David think that most of the Reckoners were on his side when in reality they were actually betraying him. I also like how the author described the action. David was in battle a lot more in this second book, and the author did a great job describing the intensity of each fight. It felt like David was always in a position where his life was in danger. Lastly, I loved how David had no doubts about protecting Megan until his last breath. He is so in love with her, that he would die for her. I hope you read this book and I can’t wait to read the next book called Calamity.


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