Firefight, by Brandon Sanderson

March 17, 2017

Review by Dhruv Jhaveri

Imagine being chased everyday by evil people with unimaginable powers, who want to kill you. That is exactly what happens to David Charleston, who miraculously defeat them every single time, even though he has no powers, thanks to his team, “The Reckoners.” Ever since he killed “Steelheart” an epic (or person with powers) that conquered Chicago and killed David’s father. Steelhearts motto has always been “Fight me and die or stand aside and live” and David’s father accidentally grazed Steelheart with a bullet that he shot, in order to kill Deathpoint, another evil epic. So, Steelheart killed him. And so far, all of the epics who have come to Chicago to try and kill David, have said “You never killed Steelheart. You’re lying.”, although he really did. The Reckoners then get an invite to come to Babilair, a city where skyscrapers rise only a couple of feet over water. The city is sunk thanks to an epic named Regalia. But something is suspicious about the invite. When the team first reaches Babilair, a fire epic named Obliteration appears and attempts to kill the team. The team is caught of guard and does not have a plan, so things fall apart quickly. Will David and the rest of the team survive? Is there something more to the ambush by Obliteration? Read the book to find out.

I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars because it is full of humor and action and because it well written. For example, there is loads of action in the book when David fights Obliteration. It is also humorous when David makes bad metaphors. Overall, I feel like the books are getting better and better, but the books are getting more sad because more good characters died in Firefight than the prequel Steelheart. I would recommend this book to people who like to read dystopia/fantasy books with loads of humor and action.


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