Everlost, by Neal Shusterman

March 4, 2019

Review by Shanna Deivanayagam

In the book Everlost, by Neal Shusterman, there is a place you can go between life and death. Everlost is that place, where kids under the age of 15 might find themselves if they die. The people of Everlost aren’t truly alive, but they aren’t truly dead either, they are a sort of memory of their old selves, and they’re called ‘Afterlights.’ these Afterlights don’t get to live the rest of their death in peace, though, because there are as many dangers in Everlost as there are in the living world. Monsters, such as the McGill or the Haunter, have traps set to capture other Afterlights and force them into slavery, captivity, or an eternity of boredom. Any Afterlight who stands in the same place for too long will sink to the center of the Earth, where they wait, with all of the other spirits who’ve sunk down there, for the end of the world. Nick and Allie are two of those Aftersouls. Nick is a geek who died with a chocolate smudge on his face that would stay with him forever. Allie is a smart, strong-headed girl who will go through with her plans no matter how risky they are or what warnings she gets from others. When they both die in a car crash, they end up traveling to Everlost, where they meet a boy called Lief who teaches them all of the basics of this new world they are in, things such as forgetting what you look like will change your appearance to what you remember yourself as, and that whatever clothes or physical traits you may have died in stay with you in Everlost. But instead of choosing to stay in the dead forest they were found in, they decide instead to go to the city and meet Mary Hightower, the self-proclaimed queen of Everlost and all of the Afterlights who live there. Mary seems like the kind, caring person she tries to be at first, but maybe that’s not all there is to her…

I enjoyed reading Everlost because it was really exciting and fun to read. The author made me feel like I was right there with all of the characters and experiencing the wonders and horrors of the story too. Another reason I liked reading this book was because of the characters.I could relate to a lot of them and the author made it feel like I really knew them. I can relate to Allie in the way that we are both extremely stubborn, and I feel like that helps me to understand her better. Another thing I like about Everlost is that there are so many unexpected twists and turns throughout the story. In some books, every battle is always a victory, but in this book, in almost every battle or escape there’s a twist that makes the book all the more interesting to read. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially anyone who enjoys fantasy or something a little different and unique. I would recommend this book to ages 10+ because although there’s no swearing or anything that would be considered inappropriate in it, I think that older kids might find reading it more enjoyable because they might be able to understand it better. Overall, I’m giving this book a 5/5 because I have no complaints about it!


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