Esperanza Rising, by Pam Muñoz Ryan

December 16, 2016

Review by Ethan Romer

Esperanza had everything.  A nice ranch in mexico, a loving family, and plenty of servants at her command.  Then, disaster struck. A fire raged through the property destroying everything.  All structures were burnt to the ground.  The vineyards which had just produced thousands of grapes, shriveled up and fed the fire.  Esperanza’s uncle Tío Luis came and took over the property.  There was nothing left for Esperanza and her mom.

They traveled North to California with nothing but old clothes and the hopes of a bright future.  Esperanza and her mother Ramona worked hard in the field day after day, from sunup to sundown.  Then Ramona becomes sick and moves into the hospital.  Esperanza has to work to survive and she comes home to an empty house every night.  Will Esperanza and her mom make it?

“Esperanza Rising” is a very emotional story.  This is so because there are many heart-wrenching things that happen to Esperanza in this story.  For example, when Miguel takes all her money. it made me very enraged towards him.  Another example is when Abuelita comes, I became very joyful because I couldn’t imagine not seeing my grandma for more than a year.I recommend Esperanza Rising to elementary age readers because it is short and not a long read.  Nonetheless it is still a extremely well written and moving semi-biographical story.


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