Check out great books from our library wherever you are, 24 hours a day!

Do you own a Kindle, tablet, or smartphone? Do you sometimes want to check out a book, but the library is closed for the weekend or a vacation? Is the book you want not available in paper format from the library? Want the newest book in your favorite series or by your favorite author now, and not three weeks from now?

Good news! The Greene Middle School Library has a great collection of over 2,000 (and counting!) digital books for you to enjoy, and requested books that the librarian chooses to purchase become available within hours! Many of the books are digital book or audiobook copies of books we also have in hard copy in the library, and many are books that you cannot find anywhere but our Overdrive book collection. And if there is a new book coming out, it sometimes takes a long time to get the hard copy, but if you request that we purchase the e-book and we have the means to do so, it will be ready for you to read just hours from when you make the request!

View this short video tutorial to learn more about how to access Overdrive books

To begin, go to your ID Portal, and click on the Overdrive icon.

How to Read E-Books

On a computer

  1. Go to your ID Portal and click on the Overdrive Icon
  2. Select our collection by searching for “PAUSD Middle”
  3. Log in to your Overdrive Account with your Student ID number (beginning with 950)
  4. Search for a book you would like to read and click “Borrow”
  5. The book will automatically check out to you and open in your browser.
  6. If you would like to read the book on a Kindle, close the book and go to your Shelf, and choose “Options” –> “Send to device”.
  7. Click “Send to Kindle”.
  8. You will then need to log in to your Amazon account to send the book to the device or devices linked to your account.

On a Tablet or Smartphone

  1. Download the FREE Overdrive app.
  2. Open the app on your device.
  3. The first time you open the app, you will be asked to locate your library. 
  4. Search for: Location: PAUSD Middle Schools
  5. Log in to your Overdrive Account with your Student ID number (beginning with 950).
  6. Click on the title that interests you. Click on ‘Borrow’.
  7. Read directly in the Overdrive app on your device.

For more help on how to use Overdrive on different devices, go to

E-Books Checkout Policies

  • Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks are checked out for 2 weeks
  • Once the 2 weeks are up, books are automatically returned and removed from your device.
  • You may renew a book if it is not on hold for someone else, and your last page read and any bookmarks will be saved from your last checkout.
  • You may place a hold on a book if someone else has it. If you choose to, the book can be automatically checked out to you when it is returned by the student who has it.
  • Students 13 and older can choose to receive an email notification when their book becomes available.