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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down, by Jeff Kinney

Review by Gavin Abel

Greg the main character is just a normal kid who goes to school and he thinks his life is on a TV show. So he keeps trying to talk to the camera or make signs to stuff but his life is not on a TV show. Greg has a big mind where he imagines lots of different stuff that are just his ideas. Such as like he always is afraid that when he dies all of his relatives who are in heaven will get mad at him for doing all the bad stuff he does. His mom is worried about him because she always thinks that he does not have any good friends influencing him. So his mom tried to get him to get together with some of people who she thinks would be good but then it ends up not working for greg and everything just becomes weird between his friends. I think the book is interesting and funny at sometimes. It is easy to read so that way it kinda makes it fun. But otherwise the book is good. Lots of funny stuff happen such as like when their pig gets sick and he throws up in Greg’s brother’s van and then greg ends up throwing up. Greg has lots of ideas such as like he wants to become a movie star so he starts trying to make movies with his friends rodrick. Also the book has lots of entertainment such as like when greg made up a fake bully then his mom thought that some person was the bully so she yelled at the wrong person. That is why this book is good. That is why you should read it, plus you can read it in like 3 hours. So I rate this book a 5 star book. So that’s why the book is a good read and you should read it.

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