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Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney

Review by Ari Smolar-Eisenberg

Diary of a wimpy kid is about a boy named Greg Heffley. Greg has an older and younger brother. Diary of a Wimpy kid is a series of hilarious stories about Greg trying to fit in at school. In the first book something called the “cheese touch” starts. The cheese touch started because there was a piece of moldy cheese on the basketball court. Somebody touched that moldy piece of cheese and then started chasing around others trying to give them the

cheese touch.  If Greg gets the cheese touch everyone will avoid him. Greg is also struggling to find good friends. His only friend is a kid named Rowley who had just moved to their neighborhood, and he felt bad for Rowley so he decided to take him under his wing..And the kids who want to be friends with Greg are very… interesting to say the least.

I would rate all of the books in the series 5 stars. This book, and whole series is very funny and interesting and I would recommend it to somebody who just wants to read for fun, and have a good laugh.

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