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Dangerous, by Shannon Hale

DangerousDangerous by Shannon Hale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am stunned. Amazed. This book so far exceeded my expectations that I’m not even sure what to say about it, other than YOU SHOULD READ IT!!

But I will try. First the main character, Maisie. A bilingual Latina girl who loves science, wants to be an astronaut, was born without her right hand, and whose middle name is LITERALLY Danger (it was a silly joke to her parents. Little did they know.). Her dad makes horrible puns. Her mother calls her la Peligrosa (Danger Girl). Her obsession with becoming an astronaut overrides her normal good sense and she decides to go for a sweepstakes on the back of a box of Blueberry Bonanza cereal for students to be chosen for an astronaut camp put on by an eccentric billionaire scientist and entrepreneur, Bonnie Howell, creator of the first space elevator connecting earth with an asteroid in geosynchronous orbit. And, lo and behold, she is chosen for said space camp.

Which is precisely when her world is turned on its head. After Maisie’s team performs the best on a series of challenges, they, along with the boy Maisie has fallen for, are offered a chance to see the space elevator in action. But when they get up to the midway station between earth and the asteroid, eccentric Bonnie Howell shows them what she found inside the asteroid when she began mining — little blobs of some unearthly substance, when, upon touching the hand of each of the five kids, immediately absorbs into their skin and microscopic nanite robots begin recoding their bodies for purposes unknown. Maisie gains the ability to inherently understand and manipulate technology. The others get the ability to shoot projectiles with electron bursts, the ability to grow armor, superhuman strength and toughness, and her crush, Wilder, becomes the super thinking leader of the group. None of them have any idea why this is happening, or what it is all for, but shortly after gaining their new abilities, things start to go wrong in a major way, fracturing the group, and pitting them all against each other.

If you are a fan of action adventures, superhero stories, or science fiction, this story will have you hooked from the very beginning. The action is intense and unrelenting, and the emotional build is equally intense. I highly recommend Dangerous.

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