Crossover, by Kwame Alexander

May 25, 2017

Review by Ethan Romer

Josh Bell is a 7th grade basketball phenom.  His crossover got him named the Daily News MVP.  He and his brother, JB, are the son of famous basketball star Chuck “Da Man” Bell.  Their middle school basketball team is cruising along at undefeated while the boys are getting good grades.  All is well until JB gets a girlfriend.  Suddenly Josh is alone because JB is always with Alexis.  Tensions rise as JB starts to put down Josh at school to try to look cool.  Eventually Josh gets so mad that he throws a basketball at JB resulting in Josh getting suspended from the team.  On top of this Chuck, the dad, is having heart problems but refuses to see a doctor.  Can Josh mend his relationship with JB and win the championship?  Can Chuck overcome the dark fears he has of hospitals?  Or will the Bell family fall out of bounds like a wild shot?

Crossover is one of the most innovative books I have read.  This is so because of the way it is written.  The book is written like a rap, Josh tells the story through a song like rhythm.  It makes the book fun to read and inspiring.  Another reason I enjoyed this book was because of the story that was told.  It tells a story of family conflicts and life in middle school.  I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy basketball or want to learn a new style of writing.


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