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Cress by Marissa Meyer

CressCressby Marissa Meyer

Review by Emily Neumann
With its beautiful story-line and extravagant writing, Cress has made it to my list of highly recommended books. Cress, the third book of the Lunar Chronicle series, revolves around three connected, but separate threads. Cress has been trapped in a satellite since her childhood and is Cinder’s best hope to find out what Queen Levana is planning. In the meantime, Cinder is trying to improve her lunar skills to overtake Levana. After Sybil, Queen Levana’s second in command, kidnaps Scarlet and sends Thorne and Cress crashing down to Earth, Cinder and Wolf don’t know what to do. Can they stop Sybil from taking Scarlet and stop Cress and Thorne from plummeting to their deaths?

Cress was a fantastic and stupendous addition to the Lunar Chronicle series. Marissa Meyer applies her forever brilliant idea of switching perspectives of the characters each chapter. For instance, I was drawn into how Scarlet was going to escape from Luna that when it switched to Cinder’s perspective, I was shocked but excited when my mind got pulled into how she would talk to Prince Kai. It includes descriptive writing so you can clearly visualize and understand the book. Marissa Meyer’s suspenseful writing makes your heart beat faster and faster until it explodes with admiration of this writing; making when you finish the book, you’re craving for more. At the end of the book, it leaves you with a cliffhanger so that you don’t know what’s going to happen when Cinder goes to Luna which makes you read the next book. Overall, I would give it a five out of five stars because of its outstanding writing structure and deep details of the character’s feelings. I would very highly recommend Cress to readers of ages young and old.

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