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Carve the Mark, by Veronica Roth

Reviewed by Alexis Chiu

In this Science-fiction novel, a far away galaxy is powered by the current. And with the current, everyone has a gift.

Cyra is the sister of the ruthless ruler of the Shotet people, and her current gift is very powerful. She has shadows that are in her, they move when she moves and when they move, they cause her pain. When she touches someone else, that pain transfers to them. Her brother takes advantage of her currentgift, by making her into his personal weapon.

Akos is the son of a farmer and the oracle who lives on the frozen planet of Thuvhe. His current gift is, he can’t feel pain. When the Shotet people capture Akos and his brother, he’s determined to get them both out and away from the Shotet people. But when he’s thrown into Cyra’s world, but what can he do when the enemy is all around him?

I personally enjoyed this book once I understood who all the people were and what all the made-up words ment. The names of the people can get confusing sometimes because they’re all so unique. There are so many planets and gadgets that don’t exist in the real world so it’s easy to lose focus of the story and get confused. But I thought the storyline was smart, not cliched and quite interesting. The author of this book, Veronica Roth, also wrote the best-selling series: the Divergent series. If you liked that series then you’d probably like this one because that’s how I got exposed to this book. If you like Fantasy/Dystopian books, then you’d probably like this one.

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