A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle

April 21, 2016

Review by Emily Neumann 

Two years ago, Meg’s father disappeared when he went on a top secret mission and Meg can’t bear to stand another year without him. After a storm in the middle of the night and an encounter with an unknown neighbor, Meg finds hope in the impossible. Charles Wallace, Meg’s adored younger brother helps Meg seek guidance from some older women who have an idea of where Meg’s father is being held captive. Meg, Charles, and their new found friend Calvin set out on a mission to rescue Meg’s father. Will they be able to save her father before it’s too late?A Wrinkle in Time was an acceptable book that had an amazing storyline, but was a little confusing. One thing that I adored about this book was to see Meg press on even though everything was hopeless. For example, when Charles Wallace was captured into the mind of IT Meg kept trying and did whatever it took to rescue him. I thought that Ms. Who, Ms. What, and Ms. Which were supposed to guide the children along the way, but instead they left them stranded on a planet with no clues. In the end it all came together and everything became clear, so I thought it was pretty exceptional. Overall I’d recommend this book to people who enjoy reading fantasy stories.


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