December 11, 2017

Review by Sheel Pant

A Wrinkle in Time is about a girl named Meg Murry, and her small brother Charles Wallace. Their father had gone missing during a government lab experiment called tesseract. They wake up in the middle of the night, and rush to the kitchen. And, to their own surprise, their mom was also awake. A moment later a strange figure by the name of Mrs. Whatsit, had entered the Murry’s house. She then, asks the Murry children to come with her. They meet a woman by the name of Mrs. Who, and chat with this woman. Then, they meet a woman named Mrs. Which, who not figuratively is a witch. To spill out more would ruin the reader’s curiosity for Madeleine L’engle’s strange book, A Wrinkle in Time.

I like how the author sets down the story at the right time. The author makes the book very interesting to read with witty comments, character strengths, and a decent storyline. This book has amazing jokes and funny character lines. With 5 stars, A Wrinkle in Time soars.


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